SOS: Close to 1M voters have returned absentee ballots, 2.8M have requested them

    Voting drop box in Meridian Township | Joe DiSano

    About 1 million Michigan voters have already returned absentee ballots for the upcoming Nov. 3 general election and more than 2.8 million have requested them, according to an update from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office.

    In the 2016 general election, 4.9 million people voted in Michigan.

    “Michigan citizens can be confident that all valid absentee ballots will be counted,” Benson said in a statement. “We are on pace to see more than 3 million absentee ballots cast, each of which will be verified to ensure the signature on the outside envelope matches the voter’s signature on file, and then securely counted on Election Day.”

    Voters can check either check the status of their ballot application or actual ballot online at or by calling their local election clerk. 

    C.J. Moore
    C.J. Moore covers the environment and the Capitol. She previously worked at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland as a public affairs staff science writer. She also previously covered crop sustainability and coal pollution issues for Great Lakes Echo. In addition, she served as editor in chief at The State News and covered its academics and research beat. She is a journalism graduate student at Michigan State University.