Priorities USA now has 3 voting lawsuits in Michigan

    Image by Leslie Andrachuk from Pixabay

    Priorities USA, a Washington, D.C.-based Democratic SuperPAC, has now filed three lawsuits this fall in Michigan over voting issues.

    As the Advance has previously reported, the group challenged in federal court the secretary of state rule that absentee ballots are only valid if the signature you have on file with the state matches that on your ballot. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is named as the defendant in the case.

    Progressive PAC sues state over absentee-voting requirements

    The SuperPAC also has filed a second federal suit over restrictions in transporting voters to the polls and helping them apply for absentee ballots, the Associated Press reported. It’s a misdemeanor in Michigan to hire drivers to take voters to cast their ballots unless they’re unable to walk. Priorities USA argues that conflicts with federal law. Attorney General Dana Nessel is the defendant.

    And a third suit challenges voting restrictions signed into law by GOP former Gov. Rick Snyder in the 2018 Lame Duck session, AP reported. Benson again is the defendant.

    In November 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly passed Proposal 3, a constitutional amendment expanding voting rights. The GOP-led Legislature passed a bill clamping down on same-day voter registration by requiring that it could only be done at a county clerk’s main office, not a satellite office or voting location.

    GOP tightens up same-day voter registration outlined in Proposal 3

    The group argues this will disproportionately impact younger voters. The suit also challenges Benson’s policy that does not automatically register Michiganders to vote at age 17 1/2.

    Priorities USA is spending millions in Michigan and other battleground states during the 2020 cycle, slamming President Trump on economic and health care issues.

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