Nessel’s office announces new trans-inclusive department policy

    Attorney General Dana Nessel at Michigan Pride | Susan J. Demas

    Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Thursday that her office has adopted a new policy to protect the needs, legal rights and safety of transgender, intersex and gender non-confirming employees in her department.

    The policy went into effect on Tuesday and establishes guidelines for privacy, pronouns, restroom accessibility, dress code and more to maximize the comfort and safety of individuals.

    “I wanted to enact this policy as a reminder that allowing all individuals to be their authentic selves is encouraged and supported at the Michigan Department of Attorney General and to reinforce that discrimination will not be tolerated — in the office or while representing those we fight for in court and beyond,” Nessel said in a statement.

    “It is my hope other agencies and offices across this great state will use this policy as an example of the work that can be done proactively to create an environment where all individuals feel respected, welcomed and appreciated. We, as Michigan residents, have the power to enact our own change through purposeful and thoughtful action.” 

    The transgender policy also acknowledges those who may transition on the job. “Transgender employees who transition on the job can expect the support of all Departmental employees,” the policy reads, and will be met with sensitivity and confidentiality while transitioning.

    Employees receiving treatment as part of their transition may also use sick leave under applicable employer regulations.

    The policy also clarifies how the law should be implemented in certain situations to protect the legal rights or safety of all employees when questions may arise, and affirms that all employees will be treated equally and with respect.

    Two LGBTQ advocacy groups, Fair Michigan and Equality Michigan, both released statements praising Nessel’s new policy.

    Nessel also released a YouTube video discussing the policy on Thursday.

    Laina G. Stebbins
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