Nessel moves forward with subpoenas against ‘Me Too Kits’ company

    Dana Nessel | Ken Coleman

    Attorney General Dana Nessel is continuing to fight against the “Me Too Kits” Co. after getting authority to proceed with investigative subpoenas on Monday.

    James Jamo

    The company is marketing a sexual assault evidence kit, described as a “sexual assault evidence kit for at-home use.”

    According to a press release from Nessel’s office, Ingham County Circuit Judge James Jamo granted Nessel jurisdiction to issue subpoenas. The subpoenas will demand an explanation for a number of representations on the company’s website, which has since been taken down, and compel corporate members to provide an investigative testimony. 

    “Sexual assault evidence collection kits are free in Michigan to those who seek medical attention for a sexual assault,” said Nessel. “Not only would this so-called ‘evidence kit’ fail to address the health needs of many sexual assault survivors, but it would completely compromise critical evidence needed to hold an assailant accountable by failing to ensure proper chain of custody.”  

    No agreement reached on ‘Me Too’ home sexual assault kits, AG files for subpoena

    Nessel’s concerns with the company’s business practices include: 

    • Misrepresentation of the service’s sponsorship, approval, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits or quantities.
    • Confusing or misleading legal rights, obligations or remedies for a consumer. 
    • Omission of material fact, which tends to mislead or deceive the consumer.
    • Failing to reveal facts that are material to the transaction in light of representation of fact in a positive manner.

    Nessel sent the company a Notice of Intended Action on Aug. 29. The business had 10 days to provide the AG’s office with assurances of voluntary compliance and an agreement that the company will not sell these kits to Michigan consumers.

    Nessel: ‘Me Too’ home sexual assault evidence kits violate law

    After the 10-day timeframe, Nessel filed a petition seeking authorization for subpoenas. 

    According to the release, Me Too Kits attorneys have not come to an agreement to the resolution with assistant attorneys general in the department’s Corporate Oversight Division.

    Allison Donahue
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