Nessel announces new AG office in Upper Peninsula

    Upper Peninsula
    Western Upper Peninsula | Susan J. Demas
    Updated 1:17 p.m. 8/14/2019

    Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Monday that the attorney general’s office will open its first location in the Upper Peninsula in a decade.*

    Dana Nessel
    Attorney General Dana Nessel at the Michigan Elder Abuse Task Force meeting in Flint, July 26, 2019 | Andrew Roth

    During a visit to the Elder Abuse Task Force conference at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Nessel said the office will open on the university’s campus within the next month, according to WLUC-TV6. According to the attorney general’s office, the last time an office was open in the Upper Peninsula was in 2009 in Escanaba.*

    “That was something that was very important to me, to make certain that residents in the Upper Peninsula felt as though they had their voices heard and that they had state electives that cared about what was happening up here. And no better way to do that than to actually have an office located right here in the Upper Peninsula,” Nessel said, according to WLUC’s report.

    Nessel spoke alongside Michigan Supreme Court Justice Megan Cavanagh, who touted the need for state government officials to stay in contact with Upper Peninsula residents.

    “I really do think that we get a lot of information, we get a lot of experiences, we get a lot of region-specific issues that, but for coming up here and hearing from people directly, we wouldn’t be aware of,” Cavanagh said, according to a report from UPMatters.

    Correction: This story was updated to include that as recently as 2009 there was an attorney general’s office in Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula.

    Derek Robertson
    Derek Robertson is a former reporter for the Advance. Previously, he wrote for Politico Magazine in Washington. He is a Genesee County native and graduate of both Wayne State University, where he studied history, and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


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