Meijer makes it official, will challenge Amash

    Amash and Meijer
    Justin Amash (left) and Peter Meijer (right)

    Peter Meijer, an Army veteran and heir to the grocery store family of the same name, formally announced Wednesday that he will run for the congressional seat in Michigan’s Third District currently held by U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Cascade Twp.).

    In a video announcing his primary campaign, Meijer highlighted his military experience and said he’s running “because our politicians spend their time trashing each other online, coming up with excuses, and pointing fingers.”

    Amash has been lauded by Democrats and criticized by Republicans in the national media since mid-May, when he publicly voiced his opinion that President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

    Amash and Afendoulis
    Justin Amash and Lynn Afendoulis | Photos by Gage Skidmore and Nick Manes

    Meijer joins state Reps. James Lower (R-Greenville) and Lynn Afendoulis (R-Grand Rapids), as well as former Sand Lake treasurer Tom Norton as Republican competitors for Amash’s seat in the 2020 cycle. Earlier in June, former Obama aide Nick Colvin announced he would seek the Democratic nomination.

    The Advance first reported last week that Meijer, a political neophyte, was considering a congressional run. 

    Meijer emphasized his distance from his family’s prominent business at the time, saying, “I don’t have an official role. … Whatever the outcome [of the election, I hope] the people of West Michigan will have a chance to know me for who I am and for my accomplishments rather than just my association with the family business that I’m very proud of, but which I don’t actively contribute towards.”

    Derek Robertson
    Derek Robertson is a former reporter for the Advance. Previously, he wrote for Politico Magazine in Washington. He is a Genesee County native and graduate of both Wayne State University, where he studied history, and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


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